HP C700 Replacement Keyboard

HP C700 Compatible replacement keyboard.

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HP compatible replacement keyboard
3 months warranty (1 to 1 exchange).

Letter: English
Condition: Brand New
*Ribbon cable included

Fit to following HP laptop model: 

Presario C700
Presario C700XX
Presario C713NR
Presario C717NR
Presario C729
Presario C762NR
Presario C769US
Presario C771US
Presario C777NR
Presario C700 Series
Presario C706NR
Presario C714NR
Presario C727
Presario C730
Presario C764NR
Presario C769US
Presario C776NR
Presario C700T
Presario C712NR
Presario C715NR
Presario C727US
Presario C751NR
Presario C768CA
Presario C770US
Presario C777CL

** Make sure you firstly compare the picture with your keyboard before placing order, especially the cable position, length and width.
If you are not sure after comparation, please send us your laptop model no. at contact us page.

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