ACER 5500, 2400,3030, 4310 Battery

Rechargeable 6 cells battery for ACER Aspire/TravelMate/Extensa/ 5500, 2400,3030, 4310, 3210..etc model laptop replacement battery.
*3 months warranty (1 to 1 exchange).
Old price: RM150.00
Price: RM115.00

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6 cells replacement battery for ACER laptops.
*3 months warranty (1 to 1 exchange).

Replacement for:
ACER 4UR18650F-2-QC141
ACER 916-2990
ACER 916-3020
ACER 916C2990
ACER 916C3020
ACER 916C4820F
ACER AHA44122909
ACER BT.00403.004
ACER BT.00403.009
ACER BT.00404.004
ACER BT.00407.001
ACER BT.00407.007
ACER BT.00603.016
ACER BT.00604.007
ACER BT.00607.001
ACER BT.00803.014
ACER BT.00803.017
ACER BT.00805.007
Acer BT.T5003.001
ACER BT.T5003.002
ACER BT.T5005.001
ACER BT.T5005.002
ACER BT.T5007.001
ACER BT.T5007.002

Fit ACER laptop models:
Acer Aspire 3030
Acer Aspire 3050
Acer Aspire 3200
Acer Aspire 3600
Acer Aspire 5030
Acer Aspire 5500
Acer Aspire 5550
Acer Aspire 5570
Acer Aspire 5580
Acer Extensa 2400
Acer Extensa 2480
Acer Travelmate 2400
Acer Travelmate 3210
Acer Travelmate 3220
Acer Travelmate 3230
Acer Travelmate 3260
Acer Travelmate 3270
Acer Travelmate 4310

** Check the photos before you purchase, make sure it is same as your old one.
If you are not sure, send us your model no. at contact us page.

Refurbished / Used LCD Monitor
RM199.00 RM120.00
Rechargeable 6 cells battery for HP COMPAQ Mini 110-3000 series, COMPAQ Mini CQ10 series, HP Mini 110-3060..etc model laptop replacement battery.
*3 months warranty (1 to 1 exchange).
RM150.00 RM115.00
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