SAMSUNG Compatible AC Adapter 40W 19V 2.1A 5.5mm-3.0mm

Compatible AC power adapter for SAMSUNG laptop (40W 19V 2.1A 5.5mm-3.0mm)
Include Power Cord?
Old price: RM45.00
Price: RM35.00

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3 months warranty. (1 to 1 exchange)

Input voltages:100 to 240V AC (worldwide use)
Tip Size:5.5mm-3.0mm

Compatible laptop models:
Samsung Sens 630, Samsung Sens 820, Samsung Sens Pro 680, Samsung Sens Pro 850, Samsung VM-6000, MetroBook MetroBook LT, MetroBook VL, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX+, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX2, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX3, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort LT, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort VX, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort XT, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort XT2, MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort ZX, Samsung Aquila X05 Series, Aquila X10 Series, Corona P30 Series, GT8000, 8100, GT8600, GT8600XT, GT8650, GT8650XT, GT8700, GT8700XT, Samsung NC10 & NC20 NETBOOK series, NC10-KA0A, NC10-KA0B ,NC10-KA02,NC10-KA03,NC10-KA05, N110-12PBK (NP-N110-KA01US)
N120-12GBK (NP-N120-KA01US)
N120-12GW (NP-N120-KA02US)
N120-13GBL (NP-N120-KA04US)
N130-13B (NP-N130-KA04US)
NC10-11GP (NP-NC10-KA04US)
NC10-13GB (NP-NC10-KB02US)
NC10-13P (NP-NC10-KB03US)
NC10-14GB (NP-NC10-KA02US)
NC10-14GBK (NP-NC10-KA03US)
NC10-14GW (NP-NC10-KA01US)
NC20-21GBK (NP-NC20-KA02US)
Samsung Go? Jet Black (N310-13GBK) (NP-N310-KA05US)
Samsung Go? Midnight Blue (N310-13GB) (NP-N310-KA04US)
Samsung Go? Mint Blue (N310-13GMB) (NP-N310-KA07US)
Samsung Go? Sunset Orange (N310-13GO) (NP-N310-KA06US)

Samsung Ultra Mobile PCs:
Q1U-XP (NP-Q1U/000/SEA)

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